Have you ever been lost in your thoughts, imagining the moment when you make the switch?

That moment when your body and your ride align. And you are finally able to do it. To climb that rock, to close that drop, or to find that view.

It is time to go get it. Introducing Askoll ULTRA C90A, the first power unit specifically developed for e-mtb-only use and tailor-made to your riding needs.


The ultimate e-mtb power unit is here. And it weighs only 2,9 kg. It’s called Askoll ULTRA C90A and it’s an extremely compact power unit capable of providing high performance and unparalleled efficiency.

Whatever the route you’re preparing to tackle, the Askoll ULTRA C90A’s five assistance modes will support you in every break and along every trail with 90 Nm torque power, optimized between 60 and 80 pedal strokes per minute. And thanks to the 110 Nm provided by the special BOOST mode, you will be able to overcome even the toughest sections as a true pro.

Italian excellence

A custom-made engine, designed by experienced craftsmen and produced with Askoll’s 100% Italian-proven industrial experience, that allows cyclists to enjoy every single journey to the fullest and for as long as possible.

And finally: reduced Q factor, support up to 138 pedal strokes per minute and a truly natural driving sensation. Are you ready to ride beyond your limits?

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Askoll Battery
In-Tube Power and Endurance
for Every Adventure

Designed for intense use and protected not only by the frame in which it is integrated, but also by an waterproof system. Our Askoll In-Tube battery has a high-resistance extruded aluminum body, shock-resistant waterproof connectors and a small footprint. Available in two sizes of 630 Wh and 500 Wh, the Askoll In-Tube battery is light and quick to charge: the 500 Wh version takes about 3 hours to go from 0 to 100% and only 1 hour and a half to recharge from 25% to 80%*.

Thus, while you recharge in that cabin you’ve always dreamed of reaching, the battery in the tube will recover its energy to take you beyond any boundaries. When you are immersed in nature, and meadows and woods give way to the rough features of the high-altitude environment, it is the very moment when you wish your adventure would never end. And it is in then that the efficiency of the Askoll In-Tube battery – developed and produced in our Italian factories – comes into play.

* Maximum battery capacity.
** Weight relative to the Askoll In-tube 500 Wh battery. The Askoll In- tube 630 Wh battery weighs 3,3 kg.
*** Charging time of the Askoll In-tube 500 Wh battery. The Askoll In- tube 630 Wh battery recharges in 4 hours (from 0 to 100%), while it takes about 2 hours to recharge from 20% to 80%.

Download the technical sheet


Sigma EOX
The finishing touch

The top-of-the-range Sigma EOX technological set has been chosen for monitoring, managing and sharing the data and contents of your adventures.

The beating heart of the SIGMA system is EOX Remote 500, the compact and efficient smart controller which shows you in real time – through multicolor LEDs – the assistance mode in use and the battery charge level. Moreover, with its 7 buttons, riders can manage all the functions of the Askoll ULTRA Integrated System.

Askoll Mission is to improve the quality of life

by producing innovative sustainable vehicles and drive units for urban and non-urban mobility, guaranteeing important energy savings, high performance and a high level of safety. To date, Askoll boasts over 800 patents registered in the field of electric motors and has never stopped going further, thanks to its own Research & Innovation Center.

1978 - 1986
2014 - 2020

Askoll Gorup was born in 1978 when Elio Marioni, the current President, applied for the first time synchronous technology to small-sized motors. Until then it was exclusive prerogative of very large-sized electric motors.

Initially developed for the aquarium sector, in 1986 the technology was subsequently extended to the world of household appliances, revolutionizing the market.
Indeed, to date, almost all washing machines, dishwashers or dryers in the world use the technology invented by Askoll.

In 1997 the internationalisation process began with the opening of Askoll Brazil. Since then, Askoll factories worldwide have grown to 11, with 1,500 employees, operating in Italy, Brazil, USA, Slovakia, Romania and China.

In 2000, Askoll brought synchronous technology engines to the world of heating and started its journey in the segment reaching a new milestone in 2008 when Askoll acquired Emerson Appliance Motor Europe, the European subsidiary of the US company Emerson Electric, specialised in the same field.

In 2014 Askoll Group decided to use its know-how to enter the sustainable mobility sector, presenting a range of electric city bikes and e-scooters. Thus Askoll EVA was born.

In 2017 the first Askoll EVA partnerships were defined with some of the leading European scooter sharing operators, who chose Askoll e-scooters for their reliability and resistance. Then, In 2018 Askoll EVA was listed on the AIM Italia segment (now called Euronext Growth) of the Milan Stock Exchange.

In 2020 with over 15,000 scooters produced, Askoll EVA is the second-largest manufacturer of electric mopeds and motorcycles in Europe.

After years of research, Askoll EVA launched C90A, the first drive unit of the Askoll ULTRA brand, dedicated to the world of highly performing e-mtb.

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