Our mission to be leader in the development of avant-garde electric motors takes on a new form in Askoll ULTRA C90A, the first made in Italy power unit designed exclusively for e-mtb use and the only one featuring the innovative “Boost Mode”.

  • brushless motor developed for high-end e-mtb
  • 2,9 kg in weight, built in aluminum and high resistance treated steel
  • 162 mm: Q factor
  • 1.200 W: maximum power (250 W: rated power)
  • 90 Nm: maximum torque optimised between 60 and 80 strokes/min
  • BOOST mode, a special mapping can bring the torque to a maximum level of 110 Nm for short periods of time
  • 5 assistant modes:
    ECO: 80%, 30 Nm
    TOUR: 160%, 55 Nm
    SPORT: 300%, 75 Nm
    TURBO: 400%, 90 Nm
    BOOST: 460%, 110 Nm
    + WALK Assistant mode + Unassisted mode
  • 138 rpm: maximum assistance frequency
  • IP04 degrees of protection
  • Synchronous technology, 4-axis architecture, 48 rare earth
    magnetic pot, SKF Energy Efficient bearings
  • Inertial platform and inclinometer for automatic delivery
  • Frame compatibility with Shimano bindings

Download the technical sheet


Askoll Battery
In-Tube Power and Endurance
for Every Adventure

Askoll vision is to provide an Integrated Askoll ULTRA experience thanks to the consolidated know-how in producing lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility. The effort undertaken with the development of the Askoll battery represents our commitment to ensure that the efficiency of the motor and the whole system is always preserved and maximised.

  • In tube battery, developed and produced by Askoll in Italy
  • Smart BMS + Can Bus protocol
  • Extruded aluminum body, to withstand the most extreme rides
  • Dimensions (mm): 417 x 84 x 70
  • Stable, compact, waterproof and shock resistant connectors
  • Available in two sizes:
    Capacity Weight Charging time
    Askoll In tube
    500 Wh
    500 Wh 2,8 kg 3,5 hours (from 0 to 100%)
    1,5 hours (from 25% to 80%)
    Askoll In tube
    630 Wh
    630 Wh 3,3 kg 4 hours (from 0 to 100%)
    2 hours (from 25% to 80%)
  • Fast charging thanks to the 4 A charger

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Sigma EOX
The finishing touch

The absolute top of technology in the world of cycle-computers awaits your customers. Through the Sigma EOX system (controller, display and mobile integration) riders will have the maximum freedom of integration, connection and sharing allowed while riding.


Ergonomic multifunctional 7-key controller

  • Six-colour LED indicator to display the most important information (such as assistance level, battery status and error messages)
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Bluetooth Smart integration
  • Secure data connection guaranteed by ANT+
  • Sigma RIDE Mobile Integration to connect with your favorite apps and
    wearables (even without a display)
  • Long life battery
  • Ambient light sensor



  • EOX app can be used to track and share journeys on various channels and social media
  • All recorded trips can be uploaded free of charge into the SIGMA CLOUD

Display Range


  • Range of interchangeable displays to view and manage mechanical and biometric data.
  • Possibility of upgrade: even by purchasing an e-mtb with a basic display, the rider can replace it with others from the EOX View range without further modification to the system

Electric History, Mobility Legacy

The History of Electric Motors has been deeply influenced by Askoll

The Askoll Group was founded in 1978 when Elio Marioni, the current President, applied synchronous technology for the first time to small-sized motors, which until then were exclusive prerogative of very large-sized electric motors.

It was a revolution that allowed the creation of thrusters with a high power/ weight ratio, great reliability, low rotor inertia, which experience heat into the stator only. In short, our synchronous technology enables electric motors to save more than 50% energy compared to traditional electric motors.

The impact of this invention was so relevant that it disrupted many sectors, including the one related to household appliance. Today, we daily produce around 200,000 and we are the only western manufacturer for the home appliance sector.

Electric history, mobility legacy

The heart of Askoll is our research and development centre which over the years has developed over 800 patented technologies and which, in 2014, allowed us to enter the world of electric mobility, by reinventing the way we move around and experience the city.

Thanks to this new challenge, we have developed new knowledge and skills on lithium batteries, related automatic industrial production processes, and hardware and software systems.

Finally, we have acquired the best knowledge on chassis, dynamic optimisation, comfort, safety in all driving conditions and reliability of electric vehicles, as well as developing ad hoc innovative infrastructural tests.

No detail can be left to chance. Everything has to be carefully studied for an uncompromising result. This is the Askoll approach behind the Askoll ULTRA venture.

Energy saving thanks to the synchronous technology made in Askoll

The electric motors produced every day by Askoll Group

The technologies that we have patented related to electric motors and their applications

Pole of electric

Tailor-Made Emtb Power Units

We offer our clients top-shelf mechanical components, innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies. But that’s just the first step. Because at Askoll, we believe in providing more than just a fixed product. That’s why our process implies a true relationship with the final tuning of the C90A power unit.
Indeed, we can integrate third parties components, customise our tech system and address specific product design needs.

Indeed, we can work to integrate third parties components, customise our own tech system and address specific product design needs.


We work with the client to integrate third parties components in the Askoll ULTRA Kit.


We act on our own software and system to address all the specific needs the client could have.


We act on our own software and system to address all the specific needs the client could have.

Product Design

We work to address eventual product design issues. E.g. compatibility with Ebike frames, etc…

Askoll ULTRA C90A
B2B Assets

We’ve been working to design and deliver the ultimate e-mtb power unit, and so far we have collected several valuable assets for Ebike Producers. Today, we decide to make them available to our clients.

Engine 3d Design
Mounting instruction
CAN Communication Protocol
HW Communication Interface

This asset can be used to design frames or to verify compatibility. It is available on request with no conditions.

This asset can be used for Engineering and testing purposes. It is available on request with no condition.

This Asset can be used in the process of third parties’ battery configuration. It is available on request, NDA requested.

This asset can be used to Finalise FW Data Setup & Service. It is available for sale/resale With no condition.


The platform developed to manage the improvement process allows all the players in the value chain to always be up-to-date with any update while actively participating in the overall improvement process.

Error Identification

Analytical Check

Cause Identification



Download our management system, available for Windows devices and developed to manage the Askoll ULTRA components.

Download management system

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